Since I was very little I’ve always been active.  I’ve been on camping and bicycle trips since before I can remember.  My lifestyle hasn’t really changed since then. The sports have changed, the scenery has changed, and I have gotten older (I am not by any means “old”). 

My drive to do and to explore has only increased.  I have traveled to 6 continents, all for different reasons, some to scuba dive, ski, trek and some just to bum around on a backpack.

Photography has never been a reason to go somewhere for me, but rather an outlet through which I can share what I take in when I do go places. Since getting my first camera at 12, my photography style has changed dramatically.  I have honed my skills but realize there is always more to learn.  Like anything else, its all about how much you get out there and do it!

My goal with my photography is to connect with my subject.  I see it as a collaboration rather than a single sided encounter.  Its a symbiotic relationship that requires my subjects to get a feel and understanding of what we want to achieve as a team.  

I am available for hire both commercially and privately.  Additionally my prints are for sale.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding work.

Give me a call at 310 254 4642 to discuss your projects with me!